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We are a company that provides door repair and replacement services for doors repairs in Southwark,  Surrey, Watford, Sutton, Croydon and surroundings. We pride ourselves on our repair capabilities.


At Vibrant JDR Windows, we are focused on continually developing ourselves to become more apt at what we do. We make it a point to stay abreast of all the latest techniques and materials currently in use for door repair Southwark.

Stop Shoving, Pushing, Squeezing In Or Stumbling Into Your Own House, Enter It With Grace By Arranging A Door Repair In Southwark

We can help with all your door repairs in Southwark and surroundings,

  • Door catches on the side or bottom of the frame – this often happens because these doors expand and contract with changes in temperature due to their steel coating. Basically, your door becomes misaligned due as a result of  contractions due to temperature changes.
  • Door handles become stiff to operate
  • Handles go up and the key cannot be turned
  • Door is unlocked, but the handles will not go down
  • The door handles are floppy and loose
  • The key only works from one side.


Our experts are particularly apt at handling most problems, associated with a UPVC door repair and window repairs in Southwark.

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