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Are You Locked Out? Have You Lost The Window Keys? Call Us Now For Locksmith Services In Southwark To Help You Unlock Those Doors And Windows

At Vibrant JDR Windows, we know that windows and doors can get jammed at any time. In addition, it is also exceptionally easy to lose the keys of a locked window. We know that often in winters, people tend to keep the windows closed.


If you are not in the habit of keeping your window keys in the lock, you are probably quite prone to losing your window key. This is where we come in. If your bedroom window is locked and you cannot find the key, it is better to hire our locksmith services in Southwark.

Possible Scenarios Where We Can Help You Out

Your window or door will not lock. This is due to the strikes not reaching the correct maximum lift position that allows the key to turn. The hinges may require adjustment, as they do not allow the door or window to fit correctly in its frame. Furthermore, often a key might break in the key hole and part of it may be stuck there and part of it may be in your hand. Extracting a broken key is rather difficult on your own and you will need to hire our locksmith services. Locksmiths at Vibrant JDR Windows Ltd. can repair or replace most types of UPVC locking mechanisms – usually on site.

Hire Our Expert Locksmith Services To Unlock Your Windows And Let The Seasonal Breeze Refresh Your Home

Our expert will take a look at your lock, whether it is a window or back door, and we can repair and replace locks as required. At Vibrant JDR Windows, are particularly apt at lock repair and replacement. Irrespective of the brand, we assure you top notch service that will restore your window and door to its previous functional condition. We ensure that we do not inflict any damage to your property.

Sometimes lock replacement can damage the door or window frame. We are very careful about how we conduct the repairs. Vibrant JDR Windows will only do as much as necessary.

We Perform A Broad Range Of Repair And Replacement Work And We Do It With Finesse

We do everything between simple replacements and complete overhauls. If you hire us, you can rest assured that sloppy outputs will be a thing of the past. We believe in doing our work with passion and dedication. We understand full well the impact, a damaged window can have on the outlook of a house. This is why, we like to repair with finesse. Additionally, jammed windows or missing window keys are a potential security hazard.

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