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Window Repair/Door Repair Service We Offer

Vibrant JDR Windows Ltd specialises in window repair, door repair, window and door handle, hinges, glass replacement and locksmith services. We provide a wide array of services to homeowners, estate agents, and property management companies.


New Installation

With our old and experienced employees, we offer home improvement professionals install

household, we deal all component related to household stuff, such as plumbing, floors, lighting fixtures, windows, ceiling, doors, countertops, glass broken, crown modeling, handles, hinges and many more.



If you want to find a professional Locksmith from a dependable and reliable you need to

contact with us, we have the professional services for this task.


Broken Glass

We provide quality glass broken replacement, for all cracked windows and other broken glass,

we offer quality glass that proves to be durable, capable and efficient to increase your safety.



We know the perfect method to spot and match hinge application. We have the major

inventory of ‘hard to find’ hardware on hand to get your hinges replacement correctly.



Handles some time function very nicely and some time you feel hard to move and operate it,

we deal all kinds of handles and our professionals can handle all kind of handles correctly.


Window Repairs

Installing a new windows or repair the windows is a large way to increase the amount of fresh

and natural light that coming into your home. Our home improvement professional workers are experienced with all style and manner of sash and casement windows, they feel happy to install new windows or repair your windows, too along with the latest styles of energy-efficient windows.


Door Repair

Although most of people may not think of them often, your house doors serve as a critical

component of home’s functionally and aesthetic. If you are having any problem with your door’s lock or if locks are broken in some way, it is essential that you contact to the professional handymen, and we offer you our best team for this work. Our service in interior and exterior door installation can improve value of your home with the saving of energy after getting repair doors and it function properly.


Sliding Patio Door Repair

Every sliding patios, or glass, door after some time need to repair, they find harder and harder if

you want to open or close it over time and the most common issue is that the rollers they slide on easy wear out. The most obvious first attempt should be to dirt free or clean the track. Vacuum the track thoroughly and observe if there is any improvement, this is often all it gets and is quick easy to do. Years of dirt, exposure to the parts and hard use can turn your sliding doors in to sticky doors. Start with a perfect cleaning, wash caked dirt and dirt or grime out of the track with an inflexible brush and soapy water.

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